2016 Ford Explorer Review

The revised 2016 Ford Explorer stands out with its new headlights and exterior design. Enhanced safety and comfort features include front and rear view cameras with wide-angle lenses, parking assistance and intelligent charging-capable USB ports.  Another noteworthy feature in this car model is the platinum trim. Armchairs with massage feature, aluminum and satin accessories, leather sheathed steering are the newest features. The 20-inch wheels produced with Clear Phase technology and 500 watts of Sony Music sound system, are among the pros of the
2016 Ford Explorer.

2016 Ford Explorer Features
Security has been the most careful feature of the 2016 Ford Explorer model. In addition to the front and side airbags, the knee airbag feature has been added. There are only some models of the brake assist, speed fixing and inflatable seat belts. If you want, you can get it as an additional package. You will not find all these features in a single model. The 2016 Ford Explorer is ideal for the long road, and with its powerful engine, it also minimizes fuel consumption. It’s a budget-friendly car.

Although it has made so many innovations, the interior of the 2016 Ford Explorer model is still inadequate. Also, since the seating area in the car is very limited, it is a bit difficult to get in and out of the vehicle. If you are a high speed enthusiast, you should definitely choose the Sports and Platinum models. With the standard 2016 Ford Explorer, high speed can be a bit tricky to do. The EcoBoost V-6 engine is really good. The exterior design is very attractive. The inside of the vehicle is too tight, so it is one of the cons. Produced by taking advantage of all the features of the technology, this car is known as user-friendly.

Technical Specifications

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