Dimensions and Specifications of the Updated Ford Explorer

The updated 2018-2019 Ford Explorer is a car that distinguishes not only impeccable design and high level of comfort but also excellent technical characteristics. The manufacturer in 2018 produced a new level SUV, offering motorists a choice of three different configurations.

They differ both in cost and in many other indicators. Each car looks solid, stylish, reliable, has the highest level of security with a cabin that perfectly transformed in any conditions. Quality and interior suggest that the new Ford will certainly become the favorite of discerning drivers.

Ford Explorer 2018-2019 Specifications

The car has a six-speed automatic transmission and power of 249 horsepower. The volume of the engine 3.5 liters, while fuel consumption is 13.8 liters when driving through the city, 10.2 liters in the country mode, and 12.4 with mixed driving. The new 2018-2019 Ford Explorer accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in just 8.3 seconds, and its maximum speed is 183 km / h. The fuel tank holds up to 70 liters, the car rides perfectly on AI92 gasoline.

Sizes New Ford Explorer

The mass of the car reaches 2,265 kilograms, with the volume of the luggage compartment with the seats folded two rear rows of 2313 liters. Ford Explorer, the dimensions of which allow you to have a comfortable amount of luggage, boasts ground clearance of 211 mm and a wheelbase of 2860 mm. Clearance 200mm. Many drivers, who are already waiting to appear on the Ford Explorer market, are quite satisfied with such dimensions.

Ford Explorer 2018-2019 updated has a length of 5019 millimeters, and the width is 1788 millimeters. In terms of internal dimensions, the new 2018-2019 Ford Explorer occupies a leading position among this class of cars.


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