Ford Explorer 5 Review


The Seat cabin of Ford Explorer is quite large. The seats themselves are made of perforated leather and have a heated ventilation system. The handbrake is turned on with the help of a pedal, which is convenient and saves space on the center console. Gas and brake pedals are height adjustable. The driver’s seat is adjustable in fairly wide ranges, so drivers of any height and build can find a comfortable position. The review from the driver’s seat is good.

There are 2 types of the dashboard either on the sides are a tachometer and speedometer, and between them is the LCD display, or in the center of the speedometer, on the sides, there are 2 LCD displays. In the second variant in the middle, there is a large, easy-to-read arrow speedometer. To the left of it, you can display a tachometer in one of several types and additional information about the flow rate, temperature, and other sensors.


On the highway overtaking is done very easily due to the large power reserve. Accelerated Explorer 5 is very dynamic, resembling a passenger car. Even when reaching a speed of 100 km / h, the thrust does not disappear and the car continues to quickly pick up speed, which it doesn’t really feel because of the smoothness of the course.

The course is held confidently, it just “floats” along the track in the right direction, and it does not roll when cornering. Therefore, from trips on this crossover usually remain only pleasant impressions. Driving on a long journey turns into a pleasant experience, almost not consuming the driver.

Body features

Security issues developers and manufacturers of this crossover paid special attention. This engine power, along with driving performance, must be controlled carefully. All modern technologies for the manufacture of materials of bumpers, body, and beams, along with electronic warning systems from collisions, emergency braking, and active driver assistance, bring the Ford Explorer 5 to a very high level of security in case of accidents.

The high strength of the body is combined with its lightness, which allows not losing its position in handling and maneuverability. Options Ford Explorer 5 has a sports suspension with an automatic 6-speed manual transmission. The gearshift paddles are located under the steering wheel. It is comfortable and sporty.